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Common Mistake Made By Sellers

Tom Droscoski
Tom Droscoski

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1. Do Not Neglect Curb Appeal: 

First Impressions have a huge impact on a potential buyer’s likelihood of making an offer.  Maintain the exterior of your property prior to listing.  Lay fresh mulch, trim trees/bushes/hedges; hose down and/or power-wash walkways, etc. Replace any fixtures that are rusted or dated; mailboxes and lights for example.  

2. Do Not Overprice Your Home: 

Of course you want the highest price for your home.  A strategic listing price will attract “good” attention.  Listing too high can cause it remain on the market longer than its comparable, creating a belief that there is something wrong with your home. 

3. Do Not Underestimate Good Listing Photos: 

Prospective homebuyers shop online.  Great photos highlighting the important aspects of your home is a must.  As an agent, when I see poor photos on a listing it gives an immediate vibe of neglect.  

4. Do Not Neglect Repairs Basic or Otherwise: 

Buyers have an uncanny ability to notice every little thing that you have not gotten “around to”.  Fix the damaged siding, repair the water stains in your bathroom, remove old and/or rusty light fixtures.  These send red flags to a buyer and they will assume that your home is one crack away from a sinkhole.  Fix the obvious things and it will increase your chances to receive offers.

5. Do Not Hide Issues in the Home: 

Be transparent to potential buyers about what needs repairing.  Not only is this the right thing to do, you risk losing the deal when the engineer’s inspection is completed.  You could also open yourself up to legal ramifications if known issues with property condition are not disclosed. You know the old adage, “honesty is the best policy”.  

6. Do Not Make the Space too Personal: 

We recommend professional staging(more on that in later posts). Whether you stage or not you can remove family photos, your tiny spoon collection from your travels, basically any kind of family memorabilia.  You want to avoid having anything that is distracting a buyer from your goal of a sale. 

7. Do Not Refuse to Entertain an Offer: 

Getting offended is a hinderance for selling your home.  Negotiate with everyone.  Even if it is countering back at full ask.  Engagement gets deals to closing.  

8. Do Not Be Present During Showings or Open Houses: 

Let your realtor handle this part of the process.  A potential buyer will feel uncomfortable and lack the freedom to have an honest conversation, which will most likely result in no offer.  Each person that walks through the door to view your home should be viewed as the person who can buy your home.  Let them be.  

9. Do Not Show a Cluttered House: 

A buyer cannot visualize themselves moving into a home where the closets are packed; the counters covered with appliances, cooking utensils and your toddler’s artwork.  Remove as much as you can to highlight…..STORAGE.  A word uttered from the most of  every buyer.  

10. Do Not Forget About Closing Costs: 

When budgeting your profits from the sale, do not forget about the costs attached. Calculate the realtor commission, attorney fees and any other potential administrative costs.  Allowing yourself to accurately plan for the next chapter.  

11. Do Not Ignore Your Agent’s Advice:  

You hired a real estate agent for a reason, to be an invaluable resource in the selling of your home.  They will set a fair listing price but on top of that they can also make suggestions on staging, cleaning, repairs and all things curb appeal.  If you are with an effective agent, they will be a wealth of knowledge, take advantage. 

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